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The Trustees, from left to right:
Back: Mnr M Cyster; Me D Gabriels; Mnr B Pool; Me S February, Mnr P Retief, Mnr J Lackay
In front: Dr EPS Taljaard; Mnr C van der Merwe; Me SJ Frank

Carel is a chartered accountant and novelist. He studied at the University of Stellenbosch (B.Rek), the University of Cape Town (GDA), as well as Middlesex University in London (MA). He was a co-founder of African Merchant Bank, and is currently a director of several companies, including AMB Holdings. His novels have been nominated for a number of literary awards, most recently the Eugene Marais Literary Prize, which he was awarded in 2010.

Dr Taljaard is a retired lecturer in the Department of Nature Conservation at the University of Stellenbosch. He studied at the University of Potchefstroom where he obtained a D.Phil in Pedagogy. Dr Taljaard was a council member of Stellenbosch for twenty-five years, and also served for twenty years on the advisory board of the Stellenbosch Museum. Dr Taljaard is a founding member of the Stellenbosch Heritage Trust.

Mattie was the principal of Hoërskool Lückhoff in Stellenbosch, to which he was attached for twenty-five years. He studied at the University of Western Cape where he obtained a BSc Hons and BEd. Mattie is currently the chairman of the Pniël Kultuurtrust that has as its goal the establishment of a museum in Pniël. He is also co-author of the book Pniël en sy Mense.

Sherrill is a Human Resources Specialist at the University of Stellenbosch, where she has been involved for more than twenty years. She is also the head of a women’s residence at the University of Stellenbosch. Sherril was born in Stellenbosch, and obtained a Diploma in Human Resources Management from the University of South Africa.

Brian was the principal of Hoërskool Luckhoff in Stellenbosch, and afterwards worked in the Inspectorate of the Department of Education. He was born in Stellenbosch, and studied at the University of Cape Town, where he obtained a BSc, Bed and a Senior Education Diploma.

Pietman occupied several marketing positions over a period of thirty-five years at the Rembrandt Group and in the wine industry. He was born in Stellenbosch and studied at the University of Stellenbosch. Pietman is a founder member of Stellenbosch Tourism and for many years occupied various positions at the Stellenbosch Museum. He is an honorary life member of Stellenbosch Tourism, the SA Vineyard and Viniculture Society, Wine Cellars SA, as well as the Hugenote Society.

Debbie is the head of the Stellenbosch Museum and has been working at the museum since 1998. She obtained a National Diploma in Secretarial & Office administration at the Peninsula Technikon and a Diploma in financial management from Boland College. She serves on the Committee of the E’Bosch Heritage Festival. Debbie was born in Stellenbosch.

Jeff was born in Pniel, Western Cape. Matriculated at Spes Bona High School, in Athlone, and studied at Cape University of Technology. Academic training and experience in architecture and urban design. Registered with SACAP (South African Council for Architectural Professions) as a Professional Senior Architectural Technologist. Currently in the process of registering as a Professional Architect.

(Secretary) Sonja is a qualified attorney and has been working in the tax and fiduciary department of Exceed since 2008. Exceed provides financial and secretarial services to the Stellenbosch Heritage Trust. Sonja is the contact person for any queries regarding the Stellenbosch Heritage Trust.

Tenk has been practicing as a chartered accountant and tax and management consultant in Stellenbosch since 1979. He studied at the University of Stellenbosch, where he obtained an Tenk is an old boy of Dagbreek men’s residence and has been living in Stellenbosch since 1982. He is a founder member of the Stellenbosch Heritage Trust and has served as its chairman for the past ten years. He is also a director of several other companies.

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