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Cape Town Fish Market is situated on the premises where the outbuildings of Bletterman House one stood. Blettermanhuis was sold in 1824 and converted into offices and a courtroom that was known as the Stellenbosch Public Offices. The long outbuilding was opened as a slave school in 1825. Subsequently it was a measles hospital, a theatre and a government school. In 1874 the Stellenbosch Gymnasium occupied it and more classrooms were built. Victoria College (and subsequently the University of Stellenbosch) developed from the Arts Department of the Gymnasium. Bletterman House and the outbuildings came into the ownership of the Stellenbosch Museum in 1979 after the Stellenbosch police used it as their headquarters from approximately1879. The long outbuilding was outfitted by the Stellenbosch Museum in 1987 as a multi-purpose hall and restaurant with financial assistance from Gold Fields.

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